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The Importance Of Sunscreen To Protect Skin From Sunlight

The Importance Of Sunscreen To Protect Skin From Sunlight – Sunscreen is one of the physical protectors of sunlight radiation. Sunscreen compounds are compounds that can protect skin from sunlight. Sun radiation can affect the skin health of all individuals. Prevention of the adverse effects of sun exposure can be done by avoiding excessive exposure to light. Which is not outside the house at 10:00 – 16:00. Wearing physical protection such as closed clothing, umbrellas, caping, and wearing sunscreen.

Sunlight contains Ultraviolet A (UV-A), Ultraviolet B (UV-B), and Ultraviolet C (UV-C) rays. UV-A can penetrate to the dermis (skin of the hides). Where collagen supports suppleness of the skin, fat glands, sweat glands, and hair roots. UV-B has little effect on the skin. Whereas UV-C is more dangerous than UV-A and UV-B but does not directly penetrate the earth’s surface because it is naturally absorbed by the ozone layer.

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Sunscreen is useful for preventing the formation of squamous cell carcinoma that causes skin cancer in humans. Sunscreens are divided into two major groups namely physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen has a working mechanism by reflecting and scattering ultraviolet light radiation. While chemical sunscreens have a working mechanism absorb ultraviolet radiation.

Today many cosmetic products can be used as sunscreen to protect skin from sunlight. But must be selective and careful in choosing skin care products, because nowadays many fake beauty products and contain dangerous ingredients. So we must be careful in choosing and buying skin care products do not let the product that is used instead cause abnormalities in the skin.

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