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Impact Of Cosmetics On The Skin

Impact Of Cosmetics On The Skin

Impact Of Cosmetics On The Skin – Along with the development of the times in line with the need for beauty. Beauty is a top priority for almost all women in supporting daily activities. To beautify themselves, women usually use cosmetics. The desire to look beautiful every day makes women sometimes use cosmetics excessively. Besides that women sometimes mistakenly choose and use cosmetics regardless of skin conditions and environmental influences. So that ultimately not beautiful and healthy skin is impact of cosmetics on the skin.

Because cosmetics have become a necessity especially for women. It is better for women to understand the benefits and how to use the cosmetics to be used. The use of cosmetics must be in accordance with the rules of use. For example, must be according to skin type, skin color, climate, weather, time of use, age, and number of uses so as not to cause undesirable effects.

Impact Of Cosmetics On The Skin

There are 2 effects of cosmetics on the skin. Namely positive effects and negative effects. Of course all women want a positive effect impact of cosmetics on the skin. Because the negative effects of cosmetics usually cause abnormalities in the skin. Efforts that can be made to avoid the negative effects of cosmetics are by first trying cosmetics to be used and choosing cosmetics that are suitable for skin conditions. The negative effects that arise from the wrong use of cosmetics are itching. Redness of the skin, or black spots appear on the skin.

For that, choose cosmetics that are in accordance with skin conditions and use cosmetics to taste not excessive and thorough before choosing cosmetics. Make sure the cosmetics to be used are BPOM certified, halal, do not contain dangerous ingredients and buy cosmetics from outlets or official stores that is. We recommended buy from Jehan Cosmetics Official store

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