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4 Tips for Choosing Perfume

4 Tips for Choosing Perfume – Perfume is not only a fragrance that can increase self-confidence. Perfume can also reflect the character or personality of the user of the perfume. Sometimes people are confused to choose the right perfume to use. Let’s look at 4 tips for choosing perfume for you based on your personality.

1. Perfectionist and Firm Personality

People who have a perfectionist personality or always want all things perfect and like to pay attention to every detail of everything. The smell of fresh mint mixed perfume can be one of your perfume choices. Besides that a perfectionist and strict person can also choose a perfume with a fragrant aroma of fruit and flowers.

2. Sporty and Casual Personality

The soothing and refreshing aroma of grassy perfume can be the right choice for men or women who possess a sporty or casual style. This is because it is synonymous with a natural, fresh, and youthful atmosphere. You can choose perfumes that smell of petitgrain, ivy leaf, galbanum, rhubarb, and watermelon. These perfumes are suitable for those of you who don’t like being the center of attention, but the scent is very soft and alluring.

3. High Femininity and Romantic Personality

For those of you who are calm, feminine, romantic, and like classic things. You can choose floral perfumes such as lily, magnolia, rose, jasmine, tuberose, and so on. Choose floral-scented perfume according to each personality.

4. Cheerful, Energetic, and Youthful Personality

Fresh fruity fragrance is suitable for you who are cheerful, energetic, and full of enthusiasm. Although it has a strong fragrance compared to the aroma of flowers or wood. The fruity aroma can show the wearer’s modernity and originality.

That’s┬á4 tips for choosing perfume for you based on your personality.

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